Li Bingzhi

  1. General information

  First name: Bingzhi

  Family name:Li


  Date and place of birth: April 1956, Fufeng,Shaanxi




  2. Education and working experiences

  1979.09-1983.07: Undergraduate study in Department of Horticulture,  Northwest Agricultural University, Yangling, Shaanxi,  B.A

  1983.08-1999.09: Worked in Fruit Tree Research Institute of Shaanxi Province ,and acquired a master's degree in 1993.

  1996.01-07:           Did  Collaborative research in New Zealand for six months

  2004.11- :          Professor, College of Horticulture, Nowthwest University of Agriculture and Forestry, Yangling, Shaaxi, P. R. China.

  Deputy Director of College of Horticulture,Nowthwest University of Agriculture and Forestry

  Deputy director of Fruit Tree Research Institute of Shaanxi Province

  Director of Cultivation and mechanical research room of Apple's industrial technology system of modern state

  Director of Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Horticulture

  3. Courses given to undergraduate and graduate

  1. Plant Biotechnology;

  2. Pomology;

  4. Main interests in research

  1. Fruit Cultivation and Physiology;

  2. Ecological research and extension work in apple orchard;

  3. Builder of the Apple Expert Courtyard in Baoji;

  4. The useing aspects of fertilizer ,pruning,bagging,dwarfing rootstock to improve

  apple tree yield ,quality;

  5. Main academic activities

  1.National Spark Program

  2. National Science and Technology Support Program

  3. National Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation  Project

  4.NO.948 Project of China Ministry of Agriculture

  5.The expert of Apple's industrial technology system of modern state


  1.Technology Achievement Award,2009

  2.Science and Technology Progress Award,2009

  3.Ministry of Agriculture Harvest Scheme Award,2007

  4.Agricultural Technology Promotion Award of Shaanxi Province,2008-2009

  7.Main publications

  In recent years,  50 papers,  25 monographs and more than 200 science articles were published.

  1. Li Bingzhi; Li Minxia; Zhou Xuan; Zhang Linsen; Zhang Haiyan. Hyperspectral estimation models for nitrogen contents of apple leaves.Journal of Remote Sensing.2010,14(4):761-773.

  2. Li Bingzhi; Wang guifang;Qin xiaofei;Zhang Linsen;Han Mingyu;Zhang li.Effect of Application of Biogas Slurry with Potassium on Soil Enzyme Activities, Soil Microorganism and Red Fuji Quality at Apple Orchards.China Agricultural Science.2010. 43 (22) :4671 -4677.

  3.Xue Tiao; Li Bingzhi; Zhang Linsen; Yuan Jicun.Relationship between the Tree Architecture and the Yield of Red Fuji Apple in Loess Plateau . Journal of Northwest Forestry University.2010,25(4):101-103.

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  5.Bai Ru; Li Bingzhi; Zhang Linsen; Gao Dengtao; Wang Xiling; Han Mingyu .Mineral N Distribution and Accumulation in Apple Orchards of Weibei Areas in Shaanxi Province. Journal of Northwest Forestry University.2006,21(4):50-53.

  6.Guo Wen; Li Bingzhi; Zhang Linsen; Han Mingyu; Wang Guifang; LI Minxia .Effects of Different Fertilization of Potassium on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Leaf Nutrition of Red Fuji Apple.Acta Agriculturae Boreali-Occidentalis Sinica.2010,19(4):192-195.