Wang Yuejin

  Yuejin Wang, male, Han, was born in Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province in April, 1958. I was a member of Chinese Communist Party,, professor and doctoral tutor. In July, 1982, I was graduated from the Department of Horticulture, Northwest Agricultural College, and got a Bachelor degree of Agriculture. I took up the study on Chinese wild grapes after assigned to Institute of Special Animal and Plant Sciences of CAAS. In September, 1986, I got a Master degree from the Department of Horticulture, Northwest Agricultural University, and have been a lecture, associate professor, professor to present there. In July, 1993, I got a Ph. D. degree, majoring in Pomology from the Department of Horticulture, Northwest Agricultural University. From January, 1994 to July, 1995, I took up collaborative research and completed post doctoral training in Plant Biotechnology at the Center for Viticulture Science and Small Farm Development of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, and was afforded a certificate of Post-doctor and Outstanding Contribution Award of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

  At present, I was an academic leader of Pomology, national key discipline, in Northwest A&F University; talent of “Three Five Project”; winner of special government allowance of State Council; talent of Cross Century of Ministry of Education.

  Professor, Yuejin Wang held concurrent post, director of Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Horticultural Crops, Ministry of Agriculture; member of the Seventh subject consultative group of Academic Degrees Commission of the State Council; committee member of Professional Master Degree of Agricultural Extension Education Guidance Committee, Ministry of Education; vice-chairman of Institution of Colleges and Universities Experiment Teaching Guidance Committee, Ministry of Education; executive member of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science; chairman of Shaanxi Province Society for Horticultural Science; vice-chairman of Shaanxi Association for Science and Technology; committee member of the Third Academic Degrees Commission of Shaanxi Province; member of subject consultative group of Academic Degrees Commission of Shaanxi Province; executive member of Association of Shaanxi Senior Experts; member of Invention Association of Shaanxi Province; associate editor of both Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin and Acta Botanica Boreali-Occidentalia Sinica; member of editorial board of Acta Horticulturae Sinica, Journal of Fruit Science, Chinese and Foreign Grape and Wine, and Journal of Northwest A&F University (Natural Science Edition), respectively.

  2.Research area

  Focus on fruit germplasm and genetic breeding; study and application of functional genes from fruit tree.

  3.  Offer courses

  Some courses were offered to undergraduates, master degree candidates and doctoral candidates, such as, the Freshman Seminar, Fruit Breeding, Discussion of Pomology Progress, Fruit Tree Germplasm Resources, Progress in Modern Horticultural Science, Modern Biological Technology.

  4.  Research Achievement

  The study on resistance to fungi of Chinese wild grapes was studied systematically, and a series of species and genotypes with resistant diseases was obtained. We got F1 generation from Chinese wild grapevines X Vitis vinifera. Since 1998, our research group has studied on the breeding of seedless grapevine using embryo rescue. After seedless grapevine X seedless grapevine, seedless grapevine X Chinese wild grapevines, immature embryo without seeds were cultured in vitro, of which, we got resistant disease hybrid plant 00-3-1 with large fruit and seedless, and also got hybrid plant 00-2-7 with large fruit and seedless from cross between seedless cultivars of Vitis vinifera.

  9 National Natural Science Funds were managed and finished; National 863 Plan, National Transgenic Plant Research and Industrialization Development, Cross Century Talents Training Plan of Ministry of Education, 948 Project of Ministry of Agriculture, Harvest Plan of Ministry of Agriculture, University Doctoral Fund, Key Project of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province, 2 National Eleven Five-year Science and Technology Support Programs, Ten Five-year Key project of Science, Post Scientist Program of National Grapevines Industry System, Public sectors ( Agriculture) Special Agricultural Research.

  10 National Invention Patent were obtained. Over 6000 gene sequences and ESTs on seedless and resistant to abiotic and biotic from grapevines were submitted to GenBank. Over 200 articles were published, including over 40 SCI.

  In 2004, second prize of Shaanxi province science and technology award, “Establishment of technology system of embryo rescue and screening seedless-grapevine genotype”

  In 2007, first prize of Shaanxi province science and technology award, “Cloning of genes resistant to powdery mildew from Chinese wild grapevines”

  5.  Academic works (since 2010)

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