Zhao Limin

  1. General information

  First name: Limin

  Family name: Zhao

  Gender: Male

  Date and place of birth: July 1962, Chang'an, Shaanxi, China

  Title: Professor

  E-mail: lmz211@126.com

  Tel.: +86-29-87082613

  2. Education and working experiences

  1984-present, has been in the original Institute of Shaanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Vegetables, College of Horticulture in Northwest A&F University, resource investigation in vegetable varieties, breeding new vegetable varieties and technology promotion.

  2001.12 BS,

  2006.01 MS,

  3. Courses given to undergraduate, graduate and Ph. D students

  4. Main interests in research

  Genetic breeding of Chinese cabbage, radishes and other vegetables


  Has participated in and chaired the main types of research, promotion of more than 20 subjects. Participate in selection 7 new Chinese cabbage variety: "Qin Bai NO.1", "Qin Bai NO.2", "Qin Bai NO.3", "Qin Bai NO.4", "Qin Bai NO.5", "Qin Bai NO.6","Shan Chun Bai NO.1". Breeding the auspices of "Qin Za NO.1", "Qin Za NO.2", "Jin Qiu 70", "Jin Qiu 90", "Ling Feng", "Jin Zao 58" the 6 new varieties of different types of Chinese cabbage and "Ling Yu" "Ling Cui" the 2 new varieties of radish.Bred the first direct use of Chinese cabbage different cytoplasmic male sterile line CMS3411-7, and a new cabbage radish CMS RC7 in the world, solve the technical difficulty of seed in Chinese cabbage hybrids. Won National Science and Technology Progress Award once, the third prize of National Inventtion Award once, National Invention Patent once, Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Progress Award twince, Shanaxi Provincial People's Government to promote agriculture science and technology first-class Award once. More than 40 research papers published, edited or co-publishing 5 books and teaching materials.