Li Pengmin

  Dr. Prof. Li Pengmin

  College of Horticulture

  Northwest A&F University

  Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100




  Ph.D. 2006 Plant Physiology, Shandong Agricultural University, PRC

  B.S. 2002 Agronomy, Shandong Agricultural University, PRC


  April 2010-present. Professor, College of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University, PRC. Worked on fruit stress physiology, and primary/secondary metabolism.

  April 2007-March 2010. Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University, USA. Worked on fruit peel stress physiology, and primary and secondary metabolism of fruit and leaves.

  September 2002 - December 2006, MS/Ph.D, State Key Lab of Crop Biology, College of Life Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University, PRC. Worked on photosynthesis and plant stress physiology.


  Anthocyanin metabolism and function in fruits


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