Zhang Jianxia

  Zhang Jianxia, Professor, Doctoral supervisor

  Collegeof Horticulture

  NorthwestA & F University

  22 Xi-nong Road

  Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China


  E-mail: zhangjx666@126.com

  Education and Academic Experience:

  June 2012-June 2012, Visiting scholar, CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia

  August 2009-August 2010, Visiting scholar, USDA Appalachian Fruit Research Station, USA

  2006-2008 Post doctoral, China Agricultural University, Food Biotechnology

  2000-2006 Ph.D., Northwest A & F University, Pomology

  1996-1999 M.S., Northwest A & F University, Pomology

  1989-1992, Nanjing Agricultural University, Plant Protection

  Professional and Expertise:

  1. Member of Chinese Horticultural Society

  2. Council Member of Horticultural Society of Shaanxi Province

  Research Fields:

  1.Grape germplasm resource and genetic breeding

  2.Grape molecular biology

  3.Grape cultivation


  For Undergraduates:

  1.Plant Breeding (double languages)

  2.Fruit Tree Breeding

  3. Horticultural Plant Breeding Practice

  For Postgraduates:

  1. Modern Biotechnology (partial contents)

  2.Horticultural Botany Research Progress (partial contents)

  The Main Academic Achievements:

  1. Five new grape cultivars, ‘Qinxiu’, ‘Qinhong No.1’, ‘Qinhong No.2’, ‘Qinhong No.6’, ‘Qinhong No.10’, were selected (registered in 2012 by Shaanxi province)。

  2.Eight molecular markers linked to powdery mildew-resistant genes, two molecular markers linked to anthracnose-resistant genes and two molecular markers linked to cold-resistant genes in Chinese wild Vitis were got.

  3. A cDNA library of cold-resistant genes in Chinese wild V. amurensis was constructed. A special expression gene VaERD15 in cold-resistance process of V. amurensis was cloned and its function was analyzed.

  4. Genetically modified research was performed and some transgenic grape plants were got.


  (1) ‘Embryo rescue technique system and establishment of new strains breeding disease-resistant seedless grapes’ won Shaanxi Province Science and TechnologySecond Class Prize in 2005. (Number two)

  (2) ‘Chinese wild Vitis plant powdery mildew resistance gene cloning research’ won Shaanxi Province Science and TechnologyFirst Prize in 2008. (Number nine)

  (3) ‘Southern wine grape varieties ‘Lingfeng’ selection and related technology research and industrialization’ won Guangxi Province Science and Technology Second Class Prize in 2014. (Number five)

  6. National invention patents:

  (1)‘A nutrient solution to improve quality seedless grape berries’。 Patent number: ZL03134236.1. (Number three)

  (2)‘A kind of culture medium for disease-resistant seedless grapes embryo rescue cultivation and sprout’。 Patent number:ZL02139330.3. (Number four)

  (3) ‘A polymerization breeding method of disease-resistant seedless grape’。 Patent number:ZL02139331.1. (Number four)

  Publications (selected publications from peer-reviewed journals, *: Corresponding author)

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  4.Lingmin Dai, Qi Zhou, Ruimin Li, Yangjian Du, Jing He, Dan Wang, Siyan Cheng, Jianxia Zhang*, Yuejin Wang*. Establishment of a picloram-induced somatic embryogenesis system in Vitis vinifera cv. chardonnay and genetic transformation of a stilbene synthase gene from wild-growing Vitis species. Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult, 2015, 121:397-412

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  To undertake the projects of scientific research:

  1. TheNational Public Welfare Industry Research(Grant No. 201203075):Grape rootstock collection, evaluation and selection. Ministry of Agriculture of China, January 2012 to December 2016. RMB600000.

  2.The National Sci-Tech Support Plan (Grant No. 2013BAD02B04): Grape rootstock breeding. Ministry of Science & Technology of China, January 2013 to December 2017. RMB620000.

  3. Shaanxi Fruit Industry Development Project Plan (Grant No. 2014-1-12):Excellent new grape breeding and regional test. Shaanxi Fruit Industry Bureau, January 2014 to December 2017. RMB100000.

  4. Tang Zhongying Fund of Crop Breeding (Grant No.2012-97):Grape germplasm innovation and new variety breeding. NorthwestA & F University, July 2012 to June 2017. RMB110000.

  5.The Establishment of Grape Science and Technology Demonstration Garden of Baoji City Jintai District. Baoji City Jintai District People's Government, July 2014 to December 2016. RMB450000.