Cucurbit Germplasm Resource and Genetic Breeding Group


Principal Investigator:Prof.XianZhang

Ph.D. Supervisorofthe CollegeofHorticulture,NorthwestA&FUniversity,Recipient of Special Government Allowances of The State Council, Scientist of China Watermelon and Melon Industrial Technology System, Chief Scientist of Shaanxi Watermelon and Melon Industrial Technology System, Young and middle-aged experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shaanxi Province, Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shaanxi Province.

Concurrent Academic Appointment

Associate Director of Chinese Society of Horticultural Science;

Associate Director of Horticultural Society of Shaanxi Province;

MemberofCucurbit Variety Appraisal Committeeof MinistryofAgriculture;






PowderyMilde wand Downy Mildew;

3)Regulation and MechanismofCucurbitTolerance to AbioticStresses;


5)Study and Application of High-Efficiency Cultivation Techniques for Cucurbit.


Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest from the Ministry of Agriculture of China

National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program)

National Natural Science Foundation of China

National Science and Technology Support Program from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China

The "948"Program from the Ministry of Agriculture of China

The Earmarked Fund for China Agriculture Research Systems for the Watermelon and Melon Industry from the Ministry of Agriculture of China

The Research Systems for Watermelon and Melon Industry from Shaanxi Province

Major Scientific and Technological Project from the Government of Shaanxi Province

The “13115” Program from Shaanxi Province

Science and Technology Innovation Project of Shaanxi Province


Ourgroup mainly focused on germplasm resource innovation,genetic breeding, and effective culture techniqueof Cucurbits. We bred 17 watermelon varieties of "NongKeDa" series, 12 melon varieties of "NongDaTian", and 9 pumpkin and zucchini varieties of "YongAn"series. These varietieshave been grown in about 50 thousand acres and produced 960 million yuan. We developed water-saving irrigation and continuous cropping obstacle prevention and control technology,which have been widely applied in Shaanxi, Gansu, and Ningxia province.We published more than 300 academic papers, including more than 60 SCI papers. We won a second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (2001), a first prize (2013)and a second prize (2006) of Shaanxi Scientific and Technological Award,a first prize of Shaanxi Agricultural Technology Promotion Award (2010),two second prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Education (2001, 2005),a Chinese Horticultural Science and Technology Award (2013), a Science and Technology Award of "DaBeiNong" (2015),a second prize of Shennong Agricultural Science and Technology Award of Ministry of Agriculture (2019).We developed a national standard;were granted 7 national invention patents,2 utility model patent, and 2 international patents; and published 7 academic monographs.


Research group includes 12 faculties and staffs from college of horticulture. We conduct the research supported by the key discipline of vegetable science in Shaanxi province, the state key laboratory of crop stress and biology for arid areas and the key laboratory of horticultural plant biology and germplasm innovation in Northwest China, Ministry of Agriculture. The research members include professors, associate professors, young lecturers, technicians, postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students.

Prof. Li Yuan, Ph.D. Supervisor of theCollege of Horticulture, Inductee of National Young Talents Project and Shaanxi Provincial Talent Program.

Research Description: Watermelon Reproductive Biology, Watermelon Precise Molecular Breeding and Watermelon Gene Editing System.

Prof.Yan Sun,Ph.D. Supervisor of College of Horticulture

Research Description: Physiology and ecology research of cucurbits under abiotic stresses.

Prof. JunZhi Du, MasterSupervisor of theCollege of Horticulture,ChiefScientistofMelonDemonstrationStationinYanLiang.

ResearchDescription:Thedevelopmentandextensionofa novelvarietyofmelon.

Associate Prof. JianXiang Ma, MasterSupervisor of the College of Horticulture,scientistofShaanxiprovincialagricultureresearchsystems.


Associate Prof. Yong Zhang, MasterSupervisor of the College of Horticulture


Associate Prof. HuiMei Zhang,MasterSupervisorof the College of Horticulture

ResearchDescription:Thedevelopmentandextensionofa novelvarietyofmelon.

Associate Prof. HaoLi,Ph.D. Supervisorof the College of Horticulture, Shaanxi Youth S&T Star, TangScholar of Northwest A&F University.


Associate Prof. ChunHuaWei,MasterSupervisor of College of Horticulture

Research Description:Functional cloning and molecular mechanisms of agronomic trait regulated genes in watermelon and melon.

Dr. Shujuan Tian, Lecturer at the College of Horticulture.

Research Description: Watermelon reproductive biology, molecular mechanisms of less seed watermelon.

Dr. JiaFa Wang, Young Associate Professor in the College of Horticulture.

Research Description: Fruit quality and haploid induction of melon.

JianQiang Yang, Technician of the College of Horticulture.

Research Description: The development and extension of a novel variety of watermelon and melon.