Research Team on Utilization Innovation and Matching Technology of Kiwifruit Germplasm Resources

1. Introduction

Principal Investigator: Professor Zhande Liu

Professor of the College of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University, the main research focuses on kiwifruit germplasm resources and its industrialization technology.

Concurrent Academic Appointment

The Chief Expert of the Kiwifruit Experimental Station of Northwest A&F University

The Chief Scientist of the Kiwifruit Industrial Technology System of Shaanxi Province

Chairman of the National Innovation Alliance of the Kiwifruit Industry; Vice-Chairman of the Kiwifruit Branch of the China Horticultural Society; member of the National Fruit Standardization Technical Committee.

2.Main Research Fields & Contents

Focusing on fruit tree germplasm resources and breeding research work. The main directions are kiwifruit germplasm resources evaluation and new varieties breeding, kiwifruit quality and health research, integration and demonstration of new technologies; and industrialization.

3.Major Projects Undertaken

Research on the National Seed Innovation Project-Kiwifruit Breeding Innovation

"948" Project of the Ministry of Agriculture--Introduction and Innovation of New Zealand Kiwi Varieties

"948" Project of the State Forestry Administration-Introduction of New Kiwi Varieties and Cultivation Techniques

Shaanxi Province Science and Technology Coordinating Innovation Project--Integration and Research on Standardized Production Technology of Kiwifruit in Shaanxi Province

The Pilot Project of Major Agricultural Technology Extension in the Shaanxi Province — the Research on Technological Innovation of the Kiwifruit Industry’s three-station linkage

4.Academic Achievements

A collection of kiwifruit germplasm resources included 160 copies, 23 species (varieties), and 166 varieties (excellent lines); sixteen excellent materials were selected, and two new kiwifruit varieties, "navel red" and "Nongda Kiwi aroma," were selected. 37 scientific papers were published; four books on kiwifruit were published; formulated Shaanxi Province local standards-standard kiwi complex; five scientific and technological achievements were identified, of which one was awarded the second prize of the National Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Award; Shaanxi Province Agricultural Technology Extension Achievement Award; and four nationally authorized invention patents were obtained.

5. Team Members

Professor. Chunchao Yao, Professor of the College of Horticulture, Shaanxi kiwifruit industry technology system, germplasm resources, innovation post expert,

Research Description: Mainly engaged in fruit tree germplasm resources collection and preservation, new varieties breeding, and supporting cultivation technology scientific research work.

Mr. Fengchan Deng, Associate Professor at the College of Horticulture,

Research Description: Mainly engaged in kiwifruit rootstock and seedling research.